Promethium Data Analytics Engineering

The Fast And Flexible Data Fabric Solution

Promethium helps data and analytics teams work smarter so they can stay ahead of growing data volumes and business needs


It's now free for Data Engineers and Data Analysts to start building Snowflake and dbt models with Promethium

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Analytics can't be done without datasets

Simply connecting to a data warehouse or data lake to get access to raw data is not enough.  Datasets require a lot of hard work from data teams!

Difficult for Data Teams

Manual, complex, error prone
and slow coding, ETL, SQL

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With Promethium

Automated, no-code.  Takes minutes without moving data

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Do more by doing less

Data Teams aren't growing as fast as data volumes or business demand for data.

Promethium helps overloaded data teams work smarter so they can deliver more faster.

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Move Less Data

Rely less on ETL. Access data on demand where it lives.  Moving less data saves time and money.

Write Less Code

With a few clicks, and without manually writing SQL (you can if you want), create and query cross-source datasets.  Less custom code and ETL.

Use Less Tools

With Promethium one person can do in minutes what typically takes a team months using 6 or more tools.

Do Less Rework

Validate data is correct in real time, not after months of work and ETL.  Instantly share work so that it is reused, instead of recreated.

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