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The All-in-One Modern Data Stack

We Enable Agile Data Teams To Reduce Costs While Satisfying Growing Ad Hoc Analytics Requests

Cut analytics consumption fees while speeding time to value with a modern data tool that’s powerful enough for data engineers yet easy enough for non-technical users.

The solution that makes data analytics better for everyone.

Make your organization the leader in fast data and insights.  Break free from long wait times and stitching multiple solutions together.

Optimize Costs.

Replace the need for many tools, cut back on moving data and avoid costly integration services.

Promethium Lower TCO Green.png
Promehtium Avoid Infra Costs Green.png
Promethium Less Integration Spend Green.png

Less Time to Insights.

Get answers in minutes instead of months by eliminating data and analytics bottlenecks

Reduce Time to Insight Green.png

Boost Productivity.

Eliminate complexity, automate tedious stuff and make finding and using data and answers easier

Promethium Boost Productivity Green.png
Analytics can't be done without datasets.

Simply connecting to a data warehouse or data lake to get access to raw data is not enough.  Datasets require a lot of hard work from data teams!

Without Promethium

Manual, complex, error prone,
many tools, move data

Without Promethium 22.png
With Promethium

Automated, easy, all-in-one, without moving data

With Promethium 22.png
Highly Awarded.
Promethium Wins Big Innovation Award
Best Data Tools & Platforms
2022 CRN Big Data 100.png
cdo magazine.png
Promethium 2021 CRN Emerging Vendors
Promethium Wins AI Excellence Award
Best New Product
Expert Research for Faster Data and Analytics.
Special Report: Self-Service Data Solutions
Road to Self Service Bliss Cover.png
Data Mesh
Beginners Guide
451 Beginners Guide To Data Mesh Cover.png
When a Data Catalog is Not Enough
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Cover.png
On-Demand Webinars Featuring Expert Advice.
Connect your first data source in 5 minutes. It's that easy.
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