Introducing Promethium

Slow and steady doesn't win every race

Say goodbye to slow data discovery and say hello to rapid data delivery. Connect your business to trusted data now, not 3 months from now.

Speed Up Analytics Projects
  • Instantly connect users to trusted data

  • Provide self service analytics to analysts

  • Get from question to answer in 3 minutes

Speed Up DataOps
  • Discover data in minutes, not months

  • Leave data where it is, don't move it

  • Build a map of how data connects


CRN thinks we're cool!

Being featured in CRN's list of Coolest Business Analytics Companies of the 2020 Big Data 100 means we are doing something right.

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It's easier than you think to speed up analytics projects, connect analysts to trusted data, speed up DataOps or to deliver self service analytics.

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