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Attention Data & Analytics Engineering Teams

Triple your productivity instantly while saving money for your company.

If you have struggled with using your data catalog and data virtualization tools together; if you can't keep up with the volume of requests; if you need to boost productivity today; then this is the solution you need.


4 reasons why using a data catalog tool with a data visualization tool doesn't work.
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Not Interoperable.

Because they are not built to work together, they won't provide a seamless experience.  Productivity will suffer.

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Long Time To Value.

Each tool takes a long time to implement, with projects that can run 12+ months.

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Difficult To Use.

Requires technical skills and switching between tools. Non-technical users won't adopt them.

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High TCO.

The cost to buy, implement and operate is high and pushes any ROI too far into the future.

Solving the problem is easier than you think.

Switch to the all-in-one solution that is easy enough for non-technical users and still powerful enough for data engineers.


Get quick wins for you and your organization.

Optimize Costs.

Replace the need for many tools, cut back on moving data and avoid costly integration services.

Promethium Lower TCO.png
Promehtium Avoid Infra Costs.png
Promethium Less Integration Spend.png

Reduce Time to Insights.

Get answers in minutes instead of months by eliminating data and analytics bottlenecks

Promethium Reduce Time to Insight.png

Boost Productivity.

Eliminate complexity, automate tedious stuff and make finding and using data and answers easier

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Read Analyst Research.
Why a Data Catalog isn't enough
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Cover.png
How to solve the problem with self service
Road to Self Service Bliss Cover.png
Business moves too fast to wait for data. Act now
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