Self Service is not Self Service

Data analytics typically start with a data scientist or engineer asking “What data do I have?” Weeks or months are spent going back and forth between the business teams and the data teams searching through file names, table names and data set names across multiple vendors to determine where the data is located, who has access to that data, what data needs to be moved, how the data needs to be cleaned and joined, and what are you going to query. The end result is that too often the right business questions are not even being addressed or decisions are being made with only a fraction of the required data. 


The complexity of multiple teams using multiple tools across multiple data sources is, sadly, accepted as the norm. There are catalog(s) used for discovery. There is a virtualization tool used for access. There is a prep tool used for cleansing and a query tool used to execute the query. There may even be a separate visualization tool for BI.  There is nothing “self-service” about data analytics today.


Promethium not only streamlines this entire process with just one tool but significantly improves the outcome by allowing the user to search by asking a simple question in English and using AI to automatically map the relevant data required to answer that question. 

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