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Promethium Pricing

Getting Started Is Easy

No professional services required because set up is fast and easy.  Connect your data sources and within minutes your data is cataloged and available to use.


Free for one user and one data connection



  • Data Catalog

  • Dataset Builder

  • Data Pipelines Builder

  • Publish & run dbt models

  • Answer Builder

  • Run Data Pipelines (manual)

  • 20 pipeline jobs per 24 hours

  • 15 minute single job maximum duration

  • Query with BI tool

  • Built in visualizations

  • Dashboards

  • Supported Connections:

    • Snowflake​

    • Athena

    • Redshift

    • PostgreSQL

    • Oracle

    • Apache Impala

    • Trino (Presto)


Work with your team and with more data sources and more features

Monthly $150/mo/user


Annual $125/mo/user


  • Everything from Free, plus

  • Multiple user support

  • Multiple data connections

  • Schedule Data Pipelines

  • 50 Jobs per 24 hour period

  • 1 Hour single job maximum duration

  • Git Integration for Models

  • dbt Projects

  • Collaboration


The best of everything for everyone in your organization

Flexible pricing for your specific needs


  • Everything from Professional, plus

  • Add Business Users

  • Multiple deployment options

  • Federated Query

  • Unlimited pipeline jobs

  • No maximum job duration

  • Advanced Dashboards

  • Storyteller

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Role Based Access Control

  • Data Privacy Control

  • Customer success team

  • Priority support

  • Enterprise SLA

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