Ensuring Your Data Is Consistent & Trustworthy

Today, more and more businesses rely on data to make critical business decisions that drive operational efficiency, product development and the bottom line and it all begins with trusting your data. Such trust must be built around a solid data governance platform, and while many companies have no idea where to start, the challenges they face are well known. 

  • Where is all of the data I need?

  • How can I trust the quality and accuracy of my data? 

  • Which version do I use? 

  • What does this data mean?  


Promethium addresses these challenges with an AI-driven solution that automatically displays the specific data needed to answer a given topic or question in a single, integrated view. The user is presented not only with the specific data assets required, but also the data type, its location, and the best way to assemble the data.  Once automatically assembled, Promethium identifies any possible issues such as data quality, the location of duplicates and the data’s lineage. Now, data governance teams have one tool that gives them the highest level of confidence that their data is accurate and trustworthy.

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