Bringing Collaboration to Analytics

Data Analytics For Business Users

Self-service analytics is a strategic imperative for any business that wants to be a data-driven powerhouse, but significant cost, complexity and time requirements remain. Consumers can use plain language queries to access all the world’s data for answers to complex questions. Why can’t enterprises do the same?

Introducing Promethium’s DataDash™, the first AI-powered collaboration tool for Analytics that combines natural language processing (NLP) for simplified data discovery.  In short, DataDash is a
no-code data management & BI tool.

With DataDash, non-technical or business users can simply:

  1. Retrieve answers to questions already asked.

  2. Search for semantically and contextually similar questions.

  3. Ask a new question that initiates a workflow between the Data Team / IT and the business.

All complete dashboards to answered questions are now available to be retrieved simply by asking in natural language. Now business users can find what they need BEFORE making new requests to the Data Team.


Search for anything by name across all data sources


Goal 1: Let Self-Service be Truly Self-Service

Analytics projects pile up because of the time and complexity involved to discover, validate, and assemble data.  As a result, data and IT teams face unacceptably long backlogs. Compounding this problem, many requests are often duplicate requests from different people across the organization. DataDash™ identifies and eliminates duplicate requests coming to the Data and IT teams so that the business user can service themselves once a question has been answered once.

Goal 2: Collaborate in real time between the Business & Data/IT teams

Answers to BI/Analytics questions ALWAYS require business teams, data teams, IT, and others to ensure that the right data is used, the method to assemble and query are valid, and lastly the question answered is relevant to the business.  But none of the tools for BI/Analytics or Data Management allow for this collaboration in real-time.  DataDash™ is such a solution.  

With DataDash™, collaboration is so easy yet powerful as:

  • All request from the Business is centrally captured and time-stamped.

  • Businesses now know questions such as, Who asked what? When it was asked? Who is working on it? Who completed the task?

  • Data teams and Business teams can communicate in real time which reduces the time to completion while enhancing accuracy and relevance.


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