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Eckerson Group White Paper

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Expert advice from the Eckerson Group for anyone looking to purchase a data catalog or looking to expand the impact a data catalog can have for data analytics.

Learn What a Data Catalog Does Well, and What It Doesn't

About the White Paper

Data catalogs provide valuable information about data assets, but business people want answers to questions, not just metadata. An emerging technology —the self-service analytics workbench—extends the data catalog with other self-service functionality and built-in workflows to meet this need. It supports the entire lifecycle of a business question from the moment a business user poses it until a data analyst or engineer presents a visualization of the answer.

A self-service analytics workbench integrates a variety of analytics capabilities into a single platform. These include data catalogs, data virtualization, data preparation, and data visualization. These functionalities support every step in the process a data analyst or engineer goes through to answer business questions: search and examine data, extract and join tables, format and transform data sets, and visualize and publish results. In addition, self-service workbenches provide built-in workflows that connect business users who have questions with data analysts and engineers who can answer them.

About the Author

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Joe Hilleary is a writer and a data enthusiast. He believes that we are living through a pivotal moment in the evolution of data technology and is dedicated to helping organizations find the best ways to leverage their information.

With a background in both analytics and the liberal arts, he crafts clear, articulate narratives on technical topics that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions. Hilleary is a Research Analyst at Eckerson Group.

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