Free Data Catalog

Organize your data and make it easy to find and use

Intelligent, Intuitive Search

Driven by proven and powerful search technology to deliver highly relevant results instantly.

Instant Preview

In place preview means you can verify data immediately without ever moving data.


Add context and build incredible knowledge. Tags are used immediately to increase search result relevance.

The Free Data Catalog

The Free Data Catalog from Promethium is the easiest and fastest way to discover and organize data.


You get Promethium's powerful data discovery capability in a hassle free SaaS offering.  Get started in minutes and be confident that your data is safe, because unlike traditional data catalogs your data is not moved or replicated.


Getting Started Is Easy

We do all the hard work so all you have to do is connect a data source and watch the magic happen.

Lighting Fast

In-memory index for response times in ms.


Your data is not moved.  Only metadata is needed.

Easy Start

No implementation services needed.