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A Good Read: Promethium’s Data Solution Revolutionizes Hostess Warehousing and Data Management

A classic snack that's been loved for over a century and a cutting-edge data fabric solution might seem worlds apart. Yet, they've come together in an intriguing tale of tradition meets technology.

A Century-Old Challenge Meets a Fresh Solution

For over a hundred years, Hostess has delighted palates worldwide with iconic treats like Sno Balls, HoHos, Ding Dongs, and the timeless Twinkies. As with many legacy brands, staying modern and efficient in the age of digital transformation is a pressing challenge.

Jeremy Vance, CIO and vice president of I.T. of Hostess, highlighted their reliance on dated methods like Excel spreadsheets to track goods moving through their warehouses. Even after transitioning to a cloud-based data management system, the challenge remained - the data was simply too vast.

Enter Promethium, our California-based AI data fabric company, led by CEO Kaycee Lai. We offered Hostess a solution - our cloud-based, data-management platform.

Why Hostess Chose Promethium

By 2020, the necessary data-management tools were available, but implementing them was a daunting task. Hostess faced the prospect of forming an entire team to understand, install, and manage these tools. Our solution? Offering Hostess a streamlined “package” where they could access all these tools via applications on our platform - no need for a large team or intensive training.

The Promethium Effect

Today, Hostess can securely collect and distribute vast amounts of data via our platform. This real-time data integration offers a live view of their operations, dramatically enhancing efficiency. The results speak volumes:

  • Tracking the movement of goods in their warehouses is now instantaneous.

  • Staging products in warehouses, previously a 5-minute wait, has been slashed to under 13 seconds.

  • Data-refresh times dropped from 15 minutes to near real-time.

The road ahead looks promising. Hostess is keen on harnessing more KPIs and datasets, with Vance aiming for the “perfect order” - the pinnacle of efficiency. With our continued collaboration, achieving this seems not just possible, but probable.

Reflecting on this transformation, Vance notes, “The tools were always there. What Kaycee Lai achieved with Promethium is a modern Silicon Valley experience without the need for an army to operate it. It’s a seamless, cost-effective package that keeps me ahead.”

Eager to delve deeper into this captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation? Dive into the full article written by Matthew Gideon from SupplyChainBrain to explore the detailed journey of how Promethium empowered Hostess to redefine its operations.



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