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Navigating the Data Tsunami: A Must-Read for Chief Data and Analytics Officers

Preparing for the Future of Data Discovery: Insights from the Gartner Data Management Hype Cycle Report 2023

Executive Summary

The insights from the "Hype Cycle for Data Management, 2023" are clear: the future is about harnessing the power of data discovery to unlock the potential of data. Promethium's data fabric is at the forefront of this movement, providing a dynamic, intelligent fabric that brings data to your fingertips. For CEOs and CDOs looking to lead in the data-driven era, Promethium offers the key to unlocking your data's value.

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Why this Matters

The "Hype Cycle for Data Management, 2023" by Gartner is a treasure trove of insights for CEOs and CDOs who are navigating the complex data landscape. As data becomes the lifeblood of decision-making, the ability to discover, understand, and utilize data effectively is paramount. This is where the concept of data discovery becomes a game-changer, and Promethium's data fabric technology emerges as a pivotal tool in this journey.

Data Discovery: The Cornerstone of Intelligent Decision-Making

Data discovery is not just about finding data—it's about uncovering the story data tells. The Hype Cycle report highlights the growing importance of data discovery in an era where data is vast and varied. Located both on-prem and in cloud applications. For leaders, this means prioritizing tools and technologies that enable quick, intuitive, and comprehensive data discovery to drive informed decisions.

Promethium's Data Fabric: Because Data Discovery Requires More Than Just Metadata

A data catalog is great to organize your data and enter metadata information. But data consumers want and need more than that. What’s the point of discovery if you can’t access the data? Imagine a data catalog that not only lists your data assets but also provides simplified yet governed access to data insights. Promethium's data fabric is that and more it's an intelligent data platform that interlinks information across silos, making it discoverable and actionable. Promethium provides the perfect platform to build data products for CDO/CDAOs to service the needs of their data and business teams.

Navigating the Data Deluge with Precision

This Gartner report emphasizes the deluge of data organizations face. In this context, Promethium's data fabric acts as a lighthouse, guiding users to the right data at the right time. It's all about turning the data deluge into an organized stream of insights, ensuring that discovery leads to outcomes, not overwhelm.

Empowering Data-Driven Cultures

A data-driven culture is one where data discovery is not a challenge but a routine. The Hype Cycle report suggests that as data management practices evolve, the ability to seamlessly discover and utilize data will be a hallmark of successful organizations. Promethium's data fabric empowers these initiatives by making data discovery an intuitive, integrated, and indispensable part of the business process.

The Convergence of Data Fabric and Data Mesh

Data Products are what enable users to make data driven decisions. Data Fabric is the enabling foundational technology. Data Mesh is the federated access framework. It only makes sense that a data mesh principle is applied to the Data Fabric so that governed data products can be produced for fast, easy and secure access. In the past, many thought that the Data Fabric is a competing solution to a Data Mesh. It’s not. You can’t build a viable Data Mesh without a Data Fabric. Conversely, you can’t deliver governed data products without applying a federated access framework like a Data Mesh. It’s time to stop thinking about the two as separate and competing projects but rather 1 integrated one. But starting to build a Data Mesh without a new modern Data Fabric will be a long, complex, and expensive project with little to show for. We agree with the folks at Gartner in the stance that the Data Mesh will be subsumed by the Data Fabric for this very reason.



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