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Webinar Recording - Using GenAI to Generate SQL: What You Really Need to Know.

In this Webinar, Promethium Founder Kaycee Lai does a deep dive into Text-to-SQL outlining its benefits to hybrid cloud data architectures.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo environment of Promethium here:


- Introduction to GenAI and Natural Language Processing (NLP):

- Understand the basics of GenAI and how NLP enables natural language interfaces for SQL query generation.

Core Capabilities of GenAI for SQL Query Generation:

- Explore the key features that make GenAI a game-changer in data access and analysis.

- Learn about real-time processing, contextual understanding, error handling, and optimization.

Business Use Cases:

- Discover practical applications of automated SQL generation in various business contexts.

- Self-service analytics, data exploration, enhanced reporting, ad-hoc querying, training, and operational efficiency.

Live Demonstration:

Watch Kaycee Lai demonstrate how to generate SQL queries using GenAI's natural language interface.

See real-world examples of how businesses are leveraging this technology for better data insights.


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