The Promethium Data and Analytics Acceleration Solution 

Remove data management and analytics roadblocks to deliver data driven answers in real time - so you can shorten analytics projects,  improve productivity and accelerate business outcomes.

"Promethium has positioned itself well, as its Data Navigation System (DNS) provides data analysts with AI-driven and automated self-service access to data without requiring data to be migrated to a new platform."

Matt Aslett

Research Director, Data, AI & Analytics | London, UK

Promethium Data Discovery
Fast Data Discovery - Saves Up to 4 Weeks

The most intuitive search, ever. Data users can discover and access data directly through the data catalog. Cataloging is automated and lighting fast - results can be seen in under an hour.  Unlike with traditional data catalogs, your data is not moved.

Instant Data Verification - Saves Up To 5 Days

Instantly preview the data in place, without moving it.  Verifying data has never been this fast and easy.

Promehtium Instant Data Preview
Automated Assembly - Saves Up To 2 Months

The solution is so smart it feels like you have a million data geniuses doing the work for you. Automatically recommends 
relationships across siloed data and writes the query.

Query in Place -
Saves Up To 4 Days

Without moving data, data can be served up as views that can be queried by any visualization, BI or machine learning solution.  If changes are needed, make them quickly and update the query instantly.

Promethium SQL Join Reccomendations
Promethium Fast Visualization Software
Fast Visualization -
Saves Up To 2 Weeks

Often the business only needs a simple table, pie or bar chart, and can't afford to wait for visualizations to built in complex BI tools.  Inbuilt visualization makes visualizing data easy and immediate. 

You can still visualize with your preferred BI tool.  Watch us provide data to a BI tool with one click.

Answers In Real Time -
Saves Up To 4 Months

Self service answer search for business analysts and users makes it easy to find data driven answers.  Avoid duplication, shorten time to get data driven answers, and increase business satisfaction.

Promethium Analytics and Data Management
Did you notice?

We talked about not moving data, a lot.  That's because with Promethium data never needs to be moved.  Not for discovery, not for verification, not for assembling or preparing or querying or visualizing.  Never!  

Lighting Fast

In-memory index for response times in ms


Your data is not moved.  Only metadata is needed.

Easy Start. Low TCO

No implementation services needed.