Gone are the days of simple analytics where data is pulled from a single data source residing on a single server in one location. Today, enterprises have data spread across multiple vendors, systems and locations. IDC estimates that there will be 180 ZB by 2020, and with over 360 vendors to choose from for databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and cloud,

today’s enterprises are often

overwhelmed and struggling to

find / leverage/ govern their data.

The Data Navigation System™ (DNS) automates the entire analytics process, automatically providing the user with the right data to answer the right question/query.  The DNS contains an intuitive interface that allows the user to simply ask the relevant questions. Data is then located and queries retrieved without the need for complex technical SQL query programming, providing business users with the proper business context to:

  • Match the data against the relevant context of the specific questions/queries.

  • Identify all the data (across all data sources)  required to answer specific questions.

  • Export all of the relevant information to extract and assemble the data so that queries can be executed

  • Send specific step-by-step directions an entity relationship diagrams to the technical teams to
    assemble data.

  • Connect to on-prem or cloud data sources

  • Non-intrusively collect metadata from data sources

  • As an alternative, users can also upload files and tables into Promethium

  • Determine context of data

  • Map new or existing relationships of data across vendors & data types

  • Recommend level of relevance of data with regards to desired analytics

  • Display logical map of what data is needed & how to assemble it

  • Prescribe step-by-step directions of where to find & join relevant data

  • Email directions and map to team members to execute data extraction & query

Figure 1. DNS shows step-by-step directions 

on how to assemble data 

Figure 2. DNS shows integrated email workflow

How Do I Get It? 

DNS will be available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, or directly through Promethium and its network of channel partners. DNS can be installed natively in the cloud or on-premise, and supports all major flavors of RDBMS, HDFS and other popular cloud data sources.


About Promethium
Promethium is breaking the conventional process and doctrine around analytics and big data. We believe that customers should not have to endure long wait times and complex tasks involving several tools just to leverage data for analytics. 


Analysts should not have to wait weeks to discover if the data they requested matches the question they need to answer. 


Likewise, a data scientist or IT admin should not have to waste up to 80% of their time searching, ingesting, and prepping data before actual data analysis. Just as Google Maps have simplified our personal lives, we aim to simplify the lives of our customers when it comes to analytics. Just ask your question and leave the rest to Promethium.  

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