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From Question to Answer in Three Minutes. Or Less.

Whether you're a data analyst or data engineer scrambling to fulfill the BI requests of the business, or a business user waiting to analyze and build the latest dashboard, getting your hands on the relevant data fast is a top priority. Promethium’s easy-to-use software delivers game changing efficiencies and dramatic cost reduction to self-service analytics.

Promethium for Data Teams

Most organizations struggle not only to locate data across a vast network of databases, data lakes, data warehouses, SaaS apps, S3 buckets and more, but also with the painful data prep process of assembling the data to query.  Promethium’s Data Navigation System™ (DNS), is the only augmented data management solution that eliminates the long delays in DataOps. DNS provides data to the BI tool (e.g. Tableau) in less than 3 minutes.  With one single solution, a data analyst can do what once took teams of people and dozens of tools up to four months to complete.

DNS gives data analysts / data engineers the power to:


  • Discover data with a SaaS-based data catalog 

  • Validate data

  • Prep data 

  • Query data with the world’s fastest MPP SQL execution engine

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 9.20.47 AM.png

With DNS, analysts can eliminate the long delays in the discovery and assembly of data and harness the true power analytics to arrive at actionable insights in minutes. 

To learn more, schedule a demo or free trial today.

Promethium For Business Users

Self-service analytics is a strategic imperative for any business that wants to be a data-driven powerhouse, but significant cost, complexity and time requirements stand in the way. 

Introducing Promethium’s DataDash™, the first collaboration tool for analytics that combines AI with natural language processing (NLP) for simplified data discovery. DataDash makes getting answers for BI as simple as putting a round peg in a round hole for non-technical users. ​Without knowing how the data is labeled or if the data even exists, business users can:

  • Retrieve answers to questions already asked

  • Search for semantically and contextually similar questions

  • Ask a new question that initiates a workflow between the Data Team / IT and the business

Now business users can find what they need BEFORE making new requests to the Data Team.


With Promethium, business users can eliminate the complexity and reduce the time involved in getting answers to important business questions.

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