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Enable Self Service Analytics Regardless of Data Warehouse and Data Lake Complexity

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Start Controlling Your Self-Service Analytics Costs

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Unlock the Power of Self-Service Analytics While Reducing Costs Associated with Databricks

Are you tired of the extra steps involved in connecting your BI tool to Databricks, leading to a slower and less efficient process for your end-users? Promethium is here to change that! With our platform, it's never been easier or faster to build views and datasets. You can consume and explore your data before loading it into BI tool of choice, reducing the cost of consumption in the Databricks environment.

We help major multinational corporations enable self-service analytics by accessing data from multiple sources without compromising on performance or cost.

Get a Self Service Analytics Solution that Scales Regardless of Legacy Connectors


Reduce the number of tools used 90%


Reduce time to insights 20x


Increase everyone’s productivity 10x

Efficiency Realized by using Promethium.

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Reduced Costs

Decreased db count for Databricks, reducing consumption costs

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Enhanced Agility

Increased productivity of team dedicated to transform data and create

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Integrates dbt models into Promethium and load BI settings inside Promethium if you wish

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Promethium is secure, isolated within client VPCs. Connect, query and augment your data safely, without data migration costs

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“One of the biggest pain points teams face is that these tools define key metrics differently and might not communicate well with each other.”

Highly Consumable Data Products Empower Everyone To Be Data Driven
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