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We're Hiring:

Senior/Principal Software Engineer, Cloud and Distributed Systems

About Promethium

Promethium is breaking the conventional process and doctrine around analytics and big data with machine intelligence. We believe that customers should not have to endure long wait times and perform complex tasks involving several tools just to know what their data is about? Just as Google Maps have simplified our personal lives, we aim to simplify the lives of our customers when it comes to analytics. Just ask your question and leave the rest to Promethium. We will make sure you find exactly what you want and tell you where to get it. Simple, right? That’s the Promethium magic!

Position Overview

Promethium is looking for a seasoned distributed systems engineer to build our AI driven SaaS Analytics platform powered by Trino (distributed SQL query engine).  You will play an integral role in shaping the direction of our product and bringing new features to market. Our team features very strong software engineering talent, with years of core database engine and distributed systems development experience. You will have the opportunity to work on a state-of-the-art cloud native platform leveraging various AWS services including, Serverless, Lambda, Step Functions, DynamoDB, Cognito, SNS, EKS, Glue etc, and Kubernetes.


  • Deliver high-quality, fault-tolerant, scalable, production-ready back-end/server code in Java/Python from design and development to deployment.

  • Apply NLP/ML to lead and deliver Promethium's unique selling point of generating distributed SQL query from a question in natural language
    Work closely with product and business teams and apply strategic thinking to deliver end-to-end solutions with focus on customer needs.

  • Lead complex and technically challenging projects  from concept to completion
    Collaborate with teams globally across multiple time zones and operate in an Agile development environment.

  • Display a passion for continuous learning, and for experimenting and applying the latest cloud technologies, software paradigms and engineering process improvements, while fostering this culture across the team.
    Mentor other developers using expertise in soft
    ware development methodology and frameworks, in areas such as quality, security, and scalability. 

Requirements (Must Have)

  • Extensive experience with server-side development, Java (Spring) and/or Python

  • 3+ years experience designing and implementing RESTful APIs and supporting them with documentation, such as Swagger and Open API

  • 2+ Years Elastic Search demonstrable experience implementing enterprise-scale, high volume, high availability systems

  • Strong communication, presentation, and collaboration skills 

  • Demonstrated experience with good engineering practices and software craftsmanship.

  • 3+ year experience working on AWS environment including Lambda, SQS, SNS, Elastic Beanstalk

Requirements (Bonus)

  • Experience with NLP and ML
    Experience with Kubernetes 


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Want to Learn More about Promethium?

Promethium's Analytics offering is flexible. Build customized data visualizations in days instead of months of ETL projects.

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