From Question to Answer

in 3 Minutes

Eliminate the pain & cost of your BI & Analytics solution


Just Answer the *&$^# Question!

BI and Analytics were created for one reason: to answer questions. But current solutions don't start there.
Today, the answer to your question is a long and laborious process away, that can take months.

Many times, the first iteration isn’t correct-so you try again, with the result being months
of wasted time, energy and money for the wrong answer. 

From Question to Answer in Minutes not Weeks

Using advanced AI & ML software & Natural Language Processing (NLP), Promethium eliminates the current pain and cost of BI and analytics solutions, allowing you to start by asking the question you most care to answer. Our software handles the rest: All in under 3 minutes!

Locates the required data across multiple data sources

Provides simple steps to assemble the data

Creates an editable data map visualizing the relationships, joins, and topology

Automatically generates a valid

SQL statement and federated query

Creates an accessible report with your existing BI tool to visualize the answers

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Promethium is breaking the conventional process & doctrine around analytics and big data by providing a fully automated solution that helps enterprises govern their data at enterprise scale.

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