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The  Top  Reasons Why Companies Choose Promethium. 


Unified view and access to all data.

Promethium was built for seamless interoperability between metadata management for data discovery and integrated query access to data.  This allows users to not only find and understand data but then instantly query that data to confirm and consume.  Imagine not needing to leave your catalog to consume your data.


Create secure data products in minutes.

Boost productivity for everyone and do more projects with the same resources.  With Promethium, data products can be generated with a Low-Code/No-Code approach to enable more users to build their secure and federated data products.


Lower TCO.

Eliminate costs related to owning, operating and integrating separate products. This accelerates productivity by allowing users to spend more time exploring data to answer key business questions and less time with complex data integartion.


No-Code/Low-Code with AI for Fast TTV. 

Forget manual coding. No more building complex DAGS and 1000 table models.  Leverage the power of GenAI to automatically answer key business questions using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Analyst Reserch
Business moves too fast to wait for data. Act now
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