Powering True Self-Service Analytics

Power to the Data Team

While many organizations desire Self-Service Analytics and many solution providers claim to have it, the reality is that today's analytics process requires an combination of dozens of disjointed data management tools and a complex orchestration among data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, IT, and the business.


Introducing Promethium’s Data Navigation System™ (DNS), the ONLY Augmented Data Management solution that was built for the Data Analyst to automatically:

  • Discover

  • Validate

  • Assemble 

data to provide data to the BI tool (e.g. Tableau) in less than 3 minutes.  With 1 single solution, a single Data Analyst can do what once took dozens of tools and teams of people up to 4 months to complete.

With DNS, you can eliminate the long delays in the discovery and assembly of data, and put the power of analytics into the hands of anyone looking for actionable knowledge.

Users can use DNS to automatically find and match data required to address the business users's request. Once that step is done, DNS instantly provides the users with a visual view of how it should be assembled, automatically generates the SQL statement to get the right data, and executes the query across multiple repositories. 


Data can be drawn from across all databases, data lakes and warehouses.

Other solutions offering search-based queries may promise speed but aren’t flexible enough to consistently deliver the right data. Don't wonder or guess if the data exists in more than one version or location.  If it exists, Promethium will find it and reveal its location - anywhere.  

All manual labor associated with delivering data for analysis is 100% automated.

Discovery is the first step and it is important.  But, knowing where the data is is not enough to answer questions.  Promethium reduces the time it takes to get the right answer from months to minutes (with sub-second query times) by automating the steps required to go from data to query.

With DNS, our global customers are:

  • Accelerating time to answers by up to 100x

  • Discovering answers to questions that were once not available 

  • Extending the power of analytics beyond technical users

  • Enabling technical teams to deliver more and take on more projects 

  • Improving collaboration between bu siness and data teams

What about security? 

Promethium never moves data.  Only metadata is every sent from your data sources to Promethium. The access of the data sources are controlled by corporate IT and the same access privileges that already exist carry over to Promethium.  

What are my integration and deployment options?

Promethium’s cloud-native DNS integrates with all data management and BI solutions, and is offered as SaaS in the public cloud, in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), or as an on-premises solution.

How do I get Promethium?

DNS will soon be available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  In the mean time, DNS is available directly through Promethium and its network of channel partners. DNS can be installed natively in the cloud or on-premises, and supports all major flavors of RDBMS, HDFS and other popular cloud data sources.


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