Data Navigation System   from Promethium

Powering true self-service analytics


Power to the Data Team

Many organizations desire Self-Service Analytics and many solutions providers claim to have it, but very few have actually achieved it.

Only Promethium has overcome the problems of today's analytics process that requires a combination of disjointed data management tools and complex orchestration among data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, IT and the business.

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Data Navigation System from Promethium

Promethium's Data Navigation System (DNS) is the only Augmented Data Management solution that was built to cut through the disjointed data management tools and complex cross function orchestration.

DNS provides data to the BI tool (e.g. Tableau) in less than 3 minutes.  With one single solution, a single data analyst can do what once took teams of people dozens of tools up to four months to complete.

Eliminate Long Delays

With DNS, you can eliminate the long delays in the discovery and assembly of data, and put the power of analytics into the hands of anyone looking for actionable knowledge.


DNS is used to automatically find and match the data required to address the business user's request. DNS then instantly provides the user with a visual view of how it should be assembled, automatically generates the SQL to get the right data and executes the query across multiple repositories. 

Do It All

Analysts can discover data (where does it reside), validate data (which is the correct dataset?), assemble data (how do I put it together?) and more with one single solution - Promethium's Data Navigation System.

"Promethium has positioned itself well, as its Data Navigation System (DNS) provides data analysts with AI-driven and automated self-service access to data without requiring data to be migrated to a new platform."


Matt Aslett

Research Director, Data, AI & Analytics | London, UK