Forrester includes Promethium in Now Tech: Machine Learning Data Catalogs

Forrester's Michele Goetz has included Promethium in the Now Tech: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q4 2020. Forrester's Overview Of 27 Machine Learning Data Catalog Providers.

The report, published October 20, 2020, describes what a Machine Learning Data Catalog (MLDC) is by first highlighting the problems solved by MLDCs then by illustrating the technology trends that depend on the MLDC.

More Than a Machine Learning Data Catalog

It's true that Promethium can deliver the value of the Machine Learning Data Catalog. While it's not clear in the report, Promethium is much more than a MLDC. Promethium is a single solution that discovers, prepares, queries, and visualizes data in minutes instead of months.

With workflow built in Promethium solves a difficult problem for true self service and can help Chief Data and Analytics Officers create true a Center of Excellence.

Read more about why the traditional data catalog is not enough here.

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