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Free Gartner Report: How to Safely Use LLMs With an Active Metadata and Data Fabric Layer

Ever since the emergence of ChatGPT and Large Language Models, companies have been trying to find ways on how to securely interact with Generative AI without sharing proprietary data or revealing competitive advantages.

Read the full complimentary Gartner report below to learn about strategies on how a data fabric layer and active metadata can solve those issues. Active metadata can identify what should be shared with LLMs, assure validity of results, learn from human use cases, and improve prompt engineering.

If you are a data leader trying to implement generative AI into your workflows, the report is a must read.

We at Promethium have been leveraging the power of Generative AI since day one. Promethium is the most comprehensive Modern Data Fabric solution available today, allowing you to build an active metadata layer in minutes and engage safely with LLMs. With Promethium, you can leverage the power of Generative AI without any data ever being shared with LLMs.



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