Snowflake and Promethium

Snowflake the Cloud Data Platform is one of many data sources Promethium supports. Join Snowflake data with other data instantly to answer important business questions.  No long and complex ETL needed, data is not moved.

Instantly Join Snowflake with Enterprise Data

In less than 2 minutes join Snowflake with two other data sources and answer the question with a visualization.  Data is never moved, and Promethium's intelligent automation called Reasoner™ suggests joins.  From disparate data to answer in minutes instead of months.


Together to Help You

Answer Business Questions Faster

Remove everything that slows down answering business questions, like waiting for long ETL jobs, complex data migration and more.

Save Time

With AI driven automation Promethium can reduce the time spent on data discovery, preparation, query and visualization from months to minutes.

Enable Self Service Analytics

Promethium delivers features that enable self service analytics on data in Snowflake, like intuitive search for finding published reports and dashboards.

Unlock Insight Across Multiple Sources

Get new insight by joining data from Snowflake with other sources without moving data. Promethium takes care of compatibility.

Expand Use & Value from Snowflake Data

Remove complexity and create a better user experience.  Connect more people to trusted data in Snowflake.

Boost Collaboration, Reduce Duplication

Enable Business Users and Data Teams to collaborate on answering business questions with Snowflake data, then share answers and make them easy to find.

Don't fall behind moving and transforming data.  Get ahead!