Data Analytics Use Cases

Powerful AI-driven augmented data management solution



Data pipelines are crucial for analytics.  But speed and accuracy are often at odds as businesses want the data faster and data teams want to ensure that the data is accurate.  Longer wait times to get the right data delay insights to the business and delay crucial business decisions.









This is the tradeoff that most organizations face. Business users need the data in their visualization tools in order to create analysis and visualization but the Data/IT teams require months using many disjointed tools in order to create the data to be used by the BI / Visualization Tool. 

BUT... What if that doesn't have to be the case?  What if Promethium can allow:


Data Discovery 

Built on a fast, in-memory architecture in the cloud, DNS delivers contextual data discovery with API connectors for databases, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud data sources, data catalogs and metadata management tools. With keyword search across all data sources, users can search by name, data type, vendor or other metadata attributes. Simply enter a search term, and Promethium produces related questions that have been asked by previous users, allowing full transparency into what was done in the past.

Built-In Data Catalog

Promethium comes with its own data catalog capabilities but can ALSO integrates with other 3rd party catalogs. Promethium’s 100% cloud-native SaaS data catalog has the following capabilities:

  • SPEED: In-memory index for response times in ms

  • SECURITY: No data movement required (only metadata)

  • GOVERNANCE: Tagging at file, table, column, query, and question level

  • SEARCH: Support for speech and Natural Language (NLP) for more intuitive search

  • VALIDATION: Instant data preview to validate accuracy of data

  • Incorporate lineage, tags, and other info from other data catalogs, like Colibra and Informatica

Mockup-Macbook-Pro-20173 (1).png

Search for anything by name across all data sources

Mockup-Macbook-Pro-20173 (1).png

Find not just data but also tags and questions.


Collaboration for Analytics

Promethium’s DNS + DataDash - Purpose-built solution for collaboration between data & the business to: 

  • Communicate in real time regarding what data is used, how its assembled, and visualized. 

  • Allow data team members to contribute their knowledge & annotation.

  • Integrated workflow, ticketing, tracking and alert system to ensure all requests are captured and addressed.

Self-Service Analytics

There’s nothing “self-service” about data analytics today. The complexity of multiple teams using multiple tools across multiple data sources means the right business questions are not being answered and decisions are being made with inadequate data.


Promethium streamlines the entire process with a single solution that allows the user to:

  • Ask a question without knowing the actual names of the data or

  • Search for data across every database, data lake, data warehouse, and S3 bucket

  • Have relevant data across ALL data sources revealed​

  • Have step-by-step directions to assemble data revealed with SQL statement automatically created

  • Easily execute a query (even federated queries across different vendors & locations)

  • Instantly access query from BI tools such as Tableau, Superset, Looker, and ThoughtSpot